Workplace Accidents: Top Accidents and How to Avoid Them

No matter where you work, you are subject to being involved in an accident. While it is true that some professions carry inherently higher accident risks than others, every worker should take care to avoid workplace accidents! Here are some of the most common accidents, along with tips for avoiding them.

Trips and falls

Anyone can trip and fall! Even tripping, without taking a tumble, can be dangerous - your body is a delicate mechanism, and you might injure yourself while attempting to stay upright.

Managers and workers alike should stay aware of trip hazards. Things like electrical cords, rugs and doormats, and uneven edges can cause a person to trip. Wearing improper footwear can also cause a trip and fall case to occur - so always use common sense as you select your wardrobe. If you are a woman, don't wear delicate high heeled shoes in a construction area or other area not designed for this type of footwear. Watch that your shoes do not snag on the carpet, no matter who you are!

Slip and fall

Slipping and falling is another type of injury that can happen unexpectedly, to anyone. In cold weather, keep car parks and entryways clear of ice and snow to prevent employees or customers from slipping.

While highly polished floor surfaces are attractive, they are also slippery, especially if anything spilled on them. Keep this in mind if you need to walk across a polished floor or if you manage a building where floors are polished. So, first off, is it necessary to maintain a polished surface? There may be a better option that is just as attractive to look at. Secondly, if floors are kept polished, be sure any spills, even small droplets, are wiped up immediately.

Injuries Caused by Taking Shortcuts

Everyone is busy, and it is understandable that the temptation to take shortcuts that are less than safe might arise at times. The fact is, following established safety procedures, no matter what your profession, is the best way to avoid workplace accidents caused by taking shortcuts.

Ergonomic Injuries

Office workers of all types are subject to repetitive motion injuries caused by poor ergonomics. Shoulder injuries and back strain are common, and some of these work-related injuries require surgery to correct. Be sure you sit in a chair that fits your body correctly. Sit up straight, and be certain that your computer is at the proper level.


Distractions of any kind can take your mind off your tasks and can contribute to accidents. If you work with heavy machinery, do not use a mobile phone while you are working. Keep your eyes on the job! If you work in an office, watch where you are walking. This will prevent you from tripping or slipping. In the end, taking your time and doing things the right way can save you from a trip to the hospital and it will keep you happy and productive.

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